Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures

Climate Change is the mechanism through which the United Nations will control every aspect of your life (Natural News) The climate change hoax has collapsed. A devastating series of research papers has just been published, revealing that human activity can account for no more than a .01°C rise in global temperatures, meaning […]

Meet AOC’s Brain: Saikat Chakrabarti 

Nancy Pelosi is obviously having difficulty controlling the increasingly acrimonious infighting between factions of the House Democratic caucus. Most observers assume that the primary cause of this discord is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the cadre of far-left first-termers collectively known as “the Squad.” But its actual source is Saikat […]

Bastille Day In France Showcases The Ten Nation Confederacy Of The European Intervention Initiative Joint Military Pact As Main Feature Of Parade

The European Intervention Initiative is a 10-nation confederacy of European militaries ready to react to crises. The French-led initiative, which includes Germany, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal launched last year Sharp-eyed NTEB reader Lori sent this in to us this morning, and it really is […]

Immigration Raids: No Sign On Sunday of any activity

(From NPR) President Trump’s Immigration Raids of undocumented immigrant families this weekend that sent migrants in many communities on edge showed few signs of materializing on Sunday, the second time rumors of a large-scale immigration enforcement operation failed to come to fruition. Instead, in the cities where rumors […]