Why Does American Media Shill for Islam?

It is obvious that nearly all major media outlets in the United States defend Islam as a “religion of peace” which poses “no threat” to America or her people.


Information about the owners of major media conglomerates, polls, wiki-leaks, and much more reveals: the vast majority of journalists, anchors, and corporate media leaders are democrats and directly collude with democrat party leaders to advance their efforts; democrat leadership supports jihadi/terrorist leaders and organizations in the U.S. – e.g. when the DNC made former Congressman Keith Ellison their number 2 man.

Ellison is a close friend and colleague of U.S. Hamas leader Nihad Awad (Executive Director for the Council on American Islamic Relations – CAIR) advocates for sharia, and seditiously works with Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood front organizations to undermine the integrity of our nation.

Yet, this does not necessarily explain why journalists at the local level still will not report truthfully about Islam and the danger its ideology poses to our Constitutional Republic and our citizens.

Why is it that when a terrorist attack occurs, the story inevitably includes details of unrelated “white supremacy?” Why do stories seem to reflect a narrative instead of an objective reporting of the facts?

A portion of the answer can be found in the materials taught to members of the media by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

The SPJ’s Code of Ethics states their four (4) principles are:

  • Seek truth and report it
  • Minimize harm
  • Act Independently
  • Be accountable and independent

Yet, when a reader examines the SPJ’s Guidelines for Countering Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Profiling (“The Guidelines“) – published immediately following 9/11/01 – it is evident the SPJ violates its own ethical principles by guiding journalists to submit their reports to third parties with interests in conflict with the truth.

For example, journalists/reporters are encouraged by SPJ to “portray muslims…in the richness of their diverse experience.” This sound more like telling a story and less like objective reporting.
The U.S. media, for nearly 18 years has lied to the American public and failed to conduct a simple investigation of the basic teachings of Islam.

In a key tell-tale regarding Islam and jihadis, the SPJ instructs reporters as follows:

“When writing about terrorism, remember to include white supremacist, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.”

In other words, “ensure to build relativism into the story so as to minimize the dangers of Islamic jihadis and Islam.”

And in what can be described as self-defeating logic, the Society of Professional Journalists recommends reporters, “Avoid using word combinations such as “Islamic terrorist” or “Muslim extremist” that are misleading because they link whole religions to criminal activity. Be specific: Alternate choices depending on context, include “Al Qaeda terrorists”…to describe the broad range of groups involved…Do not use religious characterizations as shorthand when geographic, political, socioeconomic or other distinctions might be more accurate.”

In one absurdity, the SPJ encourages journalists to “Ask men and women from within the targeted communities to review your coverage and make suggestions.” The media has been doing this within the Islamic community which is one reason Americans are not told the truth about the dangers of Islam.

In a most illogical manner, the SPJ pushes journalists to “Avoid using terms such as “jihad” unless you are certain of their precise meaning and include the context when they are used in quotations,” but then goes on to incorrectly to legally define jihad as “to exert oneself for the good of Islam and to better oneself.”

Nowhere in sharia/Islamic Law is “jihad” defined this way. Not in any junior high school text book in U.S. Islamic schools, and certainly not in any authoritative book of Islamic Law published on any continent in any century.

The fact the SPJ recommends the American Muslim Council – founded by imprisoned Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi – makes clear the Society of Professional Journalists is not objective nor are they professional.

The U.S. media, for nearly 18 years has lied to the American public and failed to conduct a simple investigation of the basic teachings of Islam. A glance into children’s textbooks used in U.S. Islamic schools reveal muslims teach their children exactly what the Islamic State and Al Qaeda state are duties and requirements of muslims in Islam.

So you see when President Trump called the American press “The enemy of the American people” He was absolutely right!

Source: Why Does American Media Shill for Islam? | Creeping Sharia

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