George Foreman’s Daughter Found Dead

This is terribly sad.

It doesn’t make it any sadder that her father is a celebrity, of course. It’s just sad any time someone’s life is cut short at such a young age.

Tragedy has struck the family of popular retired boxer George Foreman, according to Fox News.

Freeda Foreman, the 42-year-old daughter of the former heavyweight champion, was found dead Saturday in her Houston-area home.

Only 42. So incredibly young.

A family member discovered the body and no foul play was suspected, TMZ reported.

Police were awaiting a coroner’s report on the cause of death, the report said.

She was a former boxer herself, compiling a 5-1 record before retiring from the ring in 2001, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Her father, 70, was an Olympic gold medal-winning boxer who went on to a successful professional career that included bouts against Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton.

Since his retirement he has become an equally successful entertainer, TV pitchman and marketer of products, such as his George Foreman-brand grills.

Hearing of ANYONE dying unexpectedly at 42 reminds me to live life to the fullest… because as cliche as that may sound, you never know when this day could be your last.

Prayers for the Foreman family at this incredibly difficult time.

Source: George Foreman’s Daughter Found Dead – Chicks On The Right

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