Sen. Scott: Maduro Causing a ‘Genocide’ in Venezuela

Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott on Sunday repeated his call for military intervention in Venezuela, saying the United States needs to “consider” using military force to get aid to those starving there.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Scott said “there is genocide going on in Venezuela right now.”
“[Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro is intentionally starving his citizens,” he said. “We’ve got to really consider whether we do military help getting this aid in to save the starving people in Venezuela. Eighty percent of the kids under 5 have malnutrition, 90% of households don’t have food. This is genocide, and Maduro is doing it.”

It’s not the first time Scott has suggested military intervention. Last week, Scott also urged that U.S. military get involved with helping aid cross the border.

“There is only one option left to get aid to the people of Venezuela. It is something that no one is willing to talk about,” Scott saidat the American Enterprise Institute in Washington last Thursday, the Miami Herald reported. “It is becoming clear that we will have to consider the use of American military assets to deliver aid. Maduro and his thugs have left us no choice.”

Scott also decried the “politics” of aiding Puerto Rico.

“I’ve been eight times after the hurricane and I want to take care of Puerto Rico to the extent I can,” he said, adding: “The first thing I did on the senate floor was talked about the food stamp program for Puerto Rico. We’ve got to strike a compromise. It’s frustrating to me. To me this is all politics. This is [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.] saying he cares about Puerto Rico more than President [Donald] Trump does.”

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