Breaking! Elijah Cummings’ House Robbed.

Karma’s a b**ch

According to this, we are just now finding out that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ house was robbed this past Saturday. Police are investigating. This happened shortly BEFORE Trump ripped on Cummings for Baltimore being a “rodent infested mess.”According to virtue signaling leftists everywhere, saying something is “infested” is racist.

And so is mentioning rats. These are the new rules, and you might as well just internalize them, because if you don’t, you’re racist.Speaking of things being infested, you HAVE TO LOVE that Trump reminded us all of this moment out of Elijah Cummings’ congressional history:

Keep in mind, that video is ANCIENT. It’s from 1999. Which means that Baltimore’s problems are ANCIENT. Which means that Democrats haven’t done JACK SH*T to help fix Baltimore’s problems in the decades that they’ve been “leading” there.

And now? Cummings’ home has been burglarized. Currently waiting for police to tell us whether the suspect is human or rat.

Source: Breaking! Elijah Cummings’ House Robbed. – Chicks On The Right

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