Can Republican Congressman Mike Simpson be any more wishy washy?

Obviously a career Politician that can write a whole letter and say nothing…

August 2, 2019

Dear Mr.

Thank you for contacting me regarding Antifa.  I appreciate hearing from you and having the opportunity to respond.

As you may know, Antifa, also known as “anti-facist,” is a group of individuals whose political beliefs lean towards the far-left, in particular supporting oppressed populations and protesting the wealth of business and individuals while also believing in physically confronting their opponents.

I do not support limiting the rights of free speech and peaceable assembly to anyone.  The right to peaceably protest is a fundamental privilege for every American, and I will oppose attempts to muzzle those who want to make their voice heard.  The right to publicly protest is a big part of what makes our country great, and it is a right that should not be undervalued.  Unfortunately, many people across the globe do not have the same freedom to express their opinions that Americans do.

While the values some organizations hold may be egregious, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of free speech and peaceable assembly.  For the government to begin setting limits on what may be said or who an individual may associate with would set a dangerous precedent.

Our country was founded on diversity from various ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.  However, the First Amendment does not protect speech that threatens, harasses, or libels specific individuals or groups, or speech that libels individuals or organizations by name.  If an individual or organization does so, they should be punished to the extent the law.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Antifa.  You can be sure that I will monitor this issue and keep your thoughts in mind should any measure related to this group come before me in Congress.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me about this issue.  As your representative in Congress, it is important to me to know your thoughts and opinions about issues affecting our nation today.  I also encourage you to visit my website,, to sign up for my e-newsletter and to read more about my views on a variety of issues.


Mike Simpson
Member of Congress

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