Trump: Only Real Opponent in 2020 is ‘Fake News Media’

President says campaign’s biggest concern isn’t Democrats but ‘LameStream Media’

President Donald Trump took the mainstream media to task Monday, revealing that his 2020 campaign’s only real opponent is the “fake news media.” Trump blasted the “LameStream Media” for writing “whatever they want” in a Labor Day tweet. The president argued that that establishment media news outlets “are now beyond Fake, they are Corrupt.”

According to the Daily Caller, his comments come as Hurricane Dorian bears down on the East Coast and a day after a man shot and killed seven people in Odessa, TX.


The president did not cite any specific media outlet, but a report in Axios Saturday suggested the Trump campaign is intent on making Big Tech’s supposed conservative bias a focal part of Trump’s 2020 reelection bid. The report cited an anonymous source inside the administration and included quotes from the official.

“Don’t know how my poll numbers are so good, especially up 19% with Hispanics?”

Many legacy media outlets have been on the receiving end of Trump’s barbs throughout the past year. However, his criticisms appear to be without bias and haven’t only targeted left-leaning news networks. He’s also gone after Fox News, a news outlet generally perceived as supportive of Trump and other conservatives. “Never thought I’d say this but I think [John Roberts] and [Gillian Turner] [Fox News] have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN [and] NBC!” Trump wrote in January of Fox News coverage of his ongoing negotiations for a southern wall. “Look to final results!

Source: Trump: Only Real Opponent in 2020 is ‘Fake News Media’ | Neon Nettle

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