Is Arizona a Hub of Child Sex Trafficking? Why does Arizona Take the Highest Percentage of Children from their Homes?

Is Arizona a Hub of Child Sex Trafficking?

It has been well-documented that the State of Arizona removes children from their homes and places them in foster care at a rate that is higher than any other state in the U.S. See:

Arizona’s Exploding Foster Care Intake: Kids sleeping in State Office Buildings

In 2015, Arizona House Democrats wrote a letter to the governor asking why this rate continues to increase and has reached a rate of 1 out of every 100 children in Arizona is in foster care. See:

Arizona Continues Record Pace of Taking Children out of Homes into State Custody – Now 1 of every 100 Children in Foster Care

Is Arizona a Hub of Child Sex Trafficking?

In 2017, reporter Bob Ortega ran a series of articles on the state of Child Welfare in Arizona in the Arizona Republic.

The front page of a January Sunday edition (seen above) of the Arizona Republic had a photo with this inscription:

“Every 40 minutes, an Arizona child is removed from his or her home. We’re still asking, Why?”


Arizona Medical Kidnapping Exposed in Mainstream Media Report

Is Arizona a Hub of Child Sex Trafficking?

In 2017, Health Impact News reported on the arrest of Arizona foster parent David Frodsham, who allegedly ran a child pornographic and pedophile ring out of his state-approved foster home.



After he was arrested, one of his foster children, Devani, was placed into another state-approved foster home where 80% of her body was burned by scalding water, forcing the amputation of her toes. See:

Arizona Places 2 Year Old Child in Foster Pornographic Pedophile Ring – Foster Mom Burns 80% of Her Body

Another boy who was part of his foster home aged out of the system at 18, and filed a lawsuit for $15 million for years of torture and sexual abuse. See:

Arizona Foster Care System Revealed as Pedophile Ring: Former Foster Child Tortured for Years Sues for $15 Million

Why are these horrific situations allowed to continue in Arizona? Why was it necessary to bring in federal agents in the arrest of David Frodsham? Is there something going on in Arizona preventing local authorities from dealing with what appears to be a massive child trafficking system?

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