Trump confirms: Leading Dems no threat to his 2020 reelection

(NationalSentinel) The Democrat Party is quite literally groveling at the mouth and grasping at anything which they think will give them a chance of defeating President Trump in 2020. Throughout the president’s time in the White House, Democrats have thrown their very best at him, yet failed to hit the mark each and every time.

From bogus claims of collusion with the Russian government to sifting through the president’s financial documents, time and time again, the Democrat Party has come up short. When Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats vowed to resist his presidency, but all they’ve done is make fools of themselves over and over and over again.

Now that the 2020 presidential election season is here, multiple Democrats are running in order to secure their party’s nomination and face President Trump in the general election. Each candidate thinks they will be the one; however, it doesn’t really matter who the Democrats nominate to represent their party.

At the end of the day, there is not a single Democrat which poses a threat to President Trump’s re-election; the president confirmed as much in a series of tweets [Monday] morning.


As a collective, major party within the United States of America, the Democrat Party is a failure. They continue to embarrass themselves by electing anti-Semitic House caucus members, pushing socialist policies which have no chance of winning a general election, and putting up with a gaffe-ridden frontrunner. Democrats themselves have even admitted that the president has a real shot at being re-elected for a second term in office.

Source: Trump confirms: Leading Dems no threat to his 2020 reelection

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