Conservative Media Stars: Finding reliable news on the Deep State Coup

WASHINGTON – At least twice now over the past year or two, I’ve attempted to compile a definitive list of reliably conservative, truth-seeking, go-to news sites, aggregators and video sources for conservatives and libertarians. And even “independents” for that matter, although these folks usually vote Democrat in the end and probably support the current Deep State Coup against President Trump.

At any rate, I’m calling this compilation my definitive list of Conservative Media Stars.


This topic is YUGE. So I’ve split it into parts. Part I – this one – is conservative media web sites whose primary aim is to serve as reliable aggregators. These sites generally provide continuously updated links to key news and opinion stories as well as offering a bit of what’s inside.

By accessing the various conservative media stars here and in my remaining articles on this topic, and by avoiding newspapers, network news and cable news, readers starved for serious news and verifiable facts on current hot topics, political and otherwise. Additionally, they can bypass most of the web of lies involving the ongoing coup attempt by America’s contemptible Deep State elites.

Not to mention global warming climate change hectoring by corporate jet owners and 57 varieties of gender pronouns and offenses.

Are the listings scientific?

No. My listings are somewhat arbitrary and subjective. You’ll even discover that a few recommended sites include contributions by lefty, Deep State-supporting infidels.

But when trying to assemble a list of generally fact-safe, Deplorable-respecting news and information sites, you’ve got to start somewhere. And some of these PG-rated sites (for conservatives) can actually prove quite useful in point-counterpoint arguments. But they’ve all been helpful to me.

At any rate, I’m posting (or re-posting) descriptions of my personal go-to list of top conservative-libertarian news and info sites as a public service to readers and viewers. That’s particularly important for readers and writers who are currently being driven nuts by a phalanx of militant Washington, D.C. Deep State criminals. These Friends of Antifa are hellbent on mounting the biggest Fake Political Production in at least the past 500 years. That alone is a big reason why more people than ever are hungry to discover at least a few places that

  • Report the news in a true or reasonably true manner
  • Report/comment on stories the so-called mainstream media (see below) bury so you can’t see them
  • Expose the hard left, globalist, Deep State effort to destroy civility, religion, the American family, and supporters of the U.S. Constitution in order to force U.S. citizens into the secular religion of a vaguely defined (but markedly socialist) New World Order.
Continuously revised

I expect to revise all my lists and categories from time to time. Your suggestions for additions, deletions and improvements would be appreciated. Add them in the comments section that appears after the vast, scrolling hoard of necessary advertisements following the conclusion of this article.

Key web aggregators: Your first stop each morning and throughout the day.

These are conservative media sites you’ll want to access daily, primarily to find relevant links to reliably conservative and libertarian news and information. Direct links are highlighted.

Top aggregators:

A relative newcomer on the aggregators’ scene, Whatfinger has rapidly grown to become the most comprehensive, go-to site for conservatives and libertarians searching for reliable, fact-based news and commentary sources untainted by Dark Side leftists.

Whatfinger has effectively replaced the fading Matt Drudge as the top conservative media go-to site for finding otherwise buried, non-left-wing-biased analysis and news you can use. Tons of it. Bookmark it. Now.


One of the original blog aggregators from way back when, Glenn Reynolds’ useful, entertaining site offers an eclectic approach to news and information. Constantly scrolling entries include brief to medium-length commentaries on each provided link. Links can include science and health stories, along with the site’s usual political, education, and international coverage. Glenn is still there, but the site now includes links and information from a variety of trusted sources as well. A charter member of the PJ Media group, these original pajama guys were once denounced as “amateurs” by CBS et. al.

Namecalling by the MSM is a real badge of authenticity and distinction. As of about a month ago, Instapundit and PJ Media were acquired by the conservative news and info site,

Lucianne’s site has long been one of my favorites. She posts reliably conservative and highly useful links that are always closely connected to the events of the day – mostly political, of course. Aside from the top-most breaking news links, Lucianne links are always followed by a concise “executive” summary of the linked article. Which means you can just digest this nugget and move to the next one. Or link to the referenced site and read the entire story.

Great for folks with a busy day. This site is, like Ace (below), a continuously scrolling site, meaning the stuff at the top is the most recent material.

Aggregation with more columns and commentary
Ace of Spades

In truth, Ace is mostly a commentary site. But a number of the site’s contributors, include Ace, provide a plethora of useful news and commentary links. This is a continuously scrolling blog, so the most recent stuff is near the top. J. J. Sefton’s wildly cantankerous “Morning Report” here is often the most interesting section.

Sefton rants on the daily news and memes, and his extraordinary name-calling ability for Deep Stater’s rivals Donald Trump’s, and vastly exceeds it in terms of ad hominem and indelicacy. But Sefton also includes a vast array of outside news and commentary links in each column, which proves astonishingly useful for in-depth probing of what’s behind the news.

Real Clear Politics (aggregate).

PG-rated (by me) and something of an outlier in this list, RCP is by no stretch of the imagination a conservative-to-libertarian blog aggregator. But, although noticeably tilting left, RCP does include plenty of links to conservative media sites and stories as well. So, although it’s not completely “fair and balanced,” RCP’s site offers a better than average digest of real and fake news and opinion, frequently gleaned from legacy sources.

The site proves invaluable every election year. Here you can find comprehensive, rolling lists of numerous political polls, from decent to bogus+. RCP then averages them out to come up with its own composite scoring. True, the periodic ratings tilt Big D for Democrat, but that’s attributable to the left-wing bias of most polls and their cleverly worded questions.

But by consulting the Rasmussen Reports polling site – which includes a more representative percentage of Deplorables and also polls only likely voters – and putting these results side-by-side with the RCP poll averages, you can generally begin to approximate the likely outcome of most elections.

Investments, collected commentary, and some off-the-wall craziness all in one

Another PG rating here, as the site generally tilts conservative and capitalist. But it’s occasionally punctuated by Commie craziness and investment gold buggery.

ZH started out as a rogue Wall Street investment news and blog aggregation site. It still is in many ways. But, as I’ve noted in my CDN financial columns, it’s headline politics that drives stocks now. It’s no longer traditional fundamental and technical analysis, at least day-to-day. ZH figured this out, too. They spread out their current content equally between business and politics, though these days, the two are essentially the same. ZH is primarily written/compiled by a pair of renegade writer/analysts.

Their internal (ZH-originating) articles appear under the pen name “Tyler Durden.” “Tyler” is ZH’s corporate author. Both alter-egos allegedly started out life as Bulgarians. Go figure. USA. What a country, right? Other articles come from other sources and guest writers.

ZH pieces typically come at you with a bitingly cynical, iconoclastic viewpoint. Alas, some of those viewpoints come at you from the left. Some are simply wrong. But on balance, you’ll get info here you can’t find anywhere else. And most of it is pro-capitalist and pro-business.

And of course don’t forget where we will always stand for President Trump and a constitutional America and against all forms of liberal madness.

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Source: Conservative Media Stars: Finding reliable news on the Deep State Coup

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