Michael Flynn’s legal team drops evidence of alleged FBI entrapment

Michael Flynn’s legal team is piecing together a damning timeline of events, which could prove the FBI entrapped him into a guilty plea. The case against the former National Security adviser lost credibility this week as as the retired army general’s attorney Sidney Powell filed a 37-page motion in court Thursday.

A mostly un-redacted version of the filing was made public Friday and may prove the defense’s allegation of an ambush against Flynn by the FBI. Drawing from the text messages sent between FBI love birds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in January of 2017, Powell noted that Strzok said “now that this is out, we can use it as a pretext to go interview some people.” That was in reference to news first breaking about the existence of the Steele Dossier.

Powell went on to describe the “many meetings” between Strzok and former DBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The two reportedly discussed what interview strategies they wanted to use on Flynn. The day before the interview, the pair spoke to other high-ranking members of the agency — including James Baker and Lisa Page — about how they could keep Flynn relaxed and unaware that he was being talked to in connection with a criminal investigation.

Powell has said none of this information was available to Flynn before he made his guilty plea to the Special Counsel. She also noted that within days of Flynn’s decision, those who had pushed behind the scenes for his prosecution were reportedly demoted or forced to resign. Shortly after, news broke of Strzok and Page’s affair and “their malice toward President Trump.”

The judge who accepted Flynn’s plea later recused himself because he was a friend of Stzrok. Flynn’s legal team said this was the basis for his case to be dismissed. They called on the prosecution to stop withholding further exonerating evidence.

It remains unclear if this motion will be enough to delay Flynn’s sentencing, which is set for mid-December.

Source: Michael Flynn’s legal team drops evidence of alleged FBI entrapment | One America News Network

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