Michael Baden: Jeffrey Epstein Case Looks Like Homicide

Michael Baden: Jeffrey Epstein Case Looks Like Homicide

Forensic pathologist and Fox News contributor Dr. Michael Baden claimed Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a “homicide” rather than a suicide by hanging.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Baden said he was asked by Epstein’s family to study the disgraced financier’s autopsy, and he said there were “unusual” findings that he found “more indicative of homicidal strangulation.”

When challenged by previous medical findings that Epstein’s death was suicide, Baden said the doctor made that determination because they “didn’t think it was enough information to say ‘suicide,’ so she put it pending further study.” Baden also argued that investigators have refused to release evidence from Epstein’s cell that would point to DNA evidence of a potential killer.

“You say when you left the examination room, they weren’t sure what happened,” Brian Kilmeade said. “What happened in the interim to get this such a blunt conclusion?”

Baden continued to refer to changes in classification regarding the investigative information on Epstein, along with the security breakdown before his death. He also said since it only takes days for DNA tests to be conducted, the Epstein family is demanding to know whether the FBI has taken possession of the evidence and what are the test results.

“The heart doesn’t go out with this guy. This guy seems like just a terrible person,” Kilmeade said. “But there are so many people who are implicated in his web of ugliness, you wonder if this plays a role. The powerful people that his antics affected and would have been affected had he lived.”

Source: Michael Baden: Jeffrey Epstein Case Looks Like Homicide

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