Hungary Submits ‘Stop Soros’ Bill To Parliament

It’s not just Britain who has the anti-George Soros sentiment. Soros is known as “the man who broke the bank of England.” Now Hungary submits the “Stop Soros” bill to parliament.The “Stop Soros” bill was introduced to parliament in Hungary. According to Yahoo News the bill would, “empower the interior minister to ban non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support migration and pose a ‘national security risk.’”

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has an anti-immigration stance that targets Soros’ position of using his philanthropy to push open boarders in East Europe.

“The government says the bill, which would also impose a 25 percent tax on foreign donations to NGOs that back migration in Hungary, is meant to deter illegal immigration Orban says is eroding European stability and has been stoked in part by Soros,” per Yahoo News.

Hungary and Poland have both faced severe scrutiny from the European Union for rejecting Middle-Eastern migrants. In fact the EU actually threatened Hungary and Poland with sanctions if they failed to comply.

According to the bill, NGOSs that “sponsor, organize or support the entry or stay of third-country citizens on Hungarian territory via a safe third country to extend international protection … qualify as organizations supporting migration”.

Yahoo News reports: “such activity – including campaigning, advocacy, recruiting volunteers, producing information booklets – would have to be approved by the interior minister, who could deny permission if he saw a ‘national security risk.’”

Here is more on the bill from Yahoo News:

If an NGO continued with such activity, Hungarian prosecutors could act to withdraw the NGO’s tax number, essentially paralyzing them, slap them with heavy fines and ultimately dissolve them.

Organizations that support migration will have to pay tax on the foreign funding or assets they receive, the bill says, with a possible exemption on funding that serves humanitarian goals.

Activists who organize or support migration could also face restraining orders preventing them from approaching the EU’s external borders in Hungary.

There has already been a “Stop Soros” billboard campaign that is trying to keep Soros from him seeking to “settle millions from Africa and the Middle East.” In response Soros called the campaign against him one that consists of “distortions and lies.”

Source: Hungary Submits ‘Stop Soros’ Bill To Parliament – Think Americana

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