Leaked Image of Barack Obama Dressed as Satan Goes Viral

This battle goes way beyond party lines….

Disturbing photo of former President emerges online

A disturbing image of former President Barack Obama dressed as Satan has emerged online. The image first appeared when it was uploaded to Instagram by an artist named Annemarie Hope who is known for illustrations of Satanic churches. The photo, which appears to have been taken by hope herself, was uploaded to her profile with a caption that included the phrase “class & grace” – a term often used by Obama supporters to describe the ex-POTUS: “Class & grace, you’re my favourite”

The image was deleted shortly after it was uploaded, but not before it was archived. When asked why she deleted the image, Hope responded saying: Have your say – ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ “too much hate & not enough support”

Copies of the photo have now begun circling on online message boards causing a huge amount of debate. Obama Dressed as Satan

Of course, the first cry from “debunkers” is that the image has been Photoshopped, so let’s first investigate that theory. To check if the image has been digitally altered from another photo, the first thing to do is is do a reverse image search to see if the original image appeared online or if there ever was an original image. After uploading the image to Google image search and Tinyeye, the photo pulls zero results from either service, meaning, if it was altered from another image, then the original image has never been uploaded to the internet, which seems unlikely.

Secondly, a typical technique to identify an altered image is to apply different filters to an image.

By applying these filters, it highlights points at which different images may have been joined to look like one image. Again, this shows no evidence of tampering. See screenshot below:

If the image has been photoshopped as some may suggest, then it would require a very high skill set in image manipulation, that would go way beyond the typical prank image levels. It’s also unlikely that Hope would have such professional skills without a mention of it anywhere. The fact that Miss Hope doesn’t appear to have obtained this image elsewhere, and that she couldn’t have faked the image, suggests that she took the photo herself.

Artur Davis

Aside from the striking resemblance between the person in Satanic garb and Obama, the person stood next to “Obama” appears to be Artur Davis. Davis is an American attorney and politician who served as a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives for Alabama’s 7th congressional district from 2003 to 2011. He was also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Alabama in the 2010 election. Davis was an early supporter of Barack Obama’s 2008 bid for the presidency, and one of the national co-chairs for Obama’s 2008 campaign.

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