Christianity Today: Soros’s ‘rented evangelicals’

When it comes to secretive and powerful forces at work around us, what we see is almost always just the tip of the iceberg. This is why it’s with grave concern that I dug deeper into the truth about a growing number of “evangelicals” who are actively attacking proper doctrine, conservative politics, and cultural diversity. The realization that billionaire radical progressive and cultural Marxist George Soros was behind many of the false-evangelical movements was both shocking and humiliating. It was shocking because it means this particular iceberg is much larger than I imagined and it was humiliating because… duh, of course he’s involved and I’m a fool for not considering it before.

Thankfully, more cognizant journalists than me have been tracking this for years. My research stems from the recent viral article posted by outbound editor of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, who tried to make a case for President Trump to be removed from office. It was a weak effort, as my colleague noted in his critique, but once I started hearing of the connection between the progressive publication and Soros, I needed to dig deeper.

What I discovered was a concerted and apparently successful effort to hide the truth from the masses. A video that was posted by the American Association of Evangelicals (a group that appears to have mysteriously gone stagnant since posting the video) has been removed from YouTube. We located the video and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, as you can (hopefully) see above. If it’s not there, then we’ve been tapped as well.

But some articles still exist despite what seems to be a systematic purge of all ties between Soros’s group, Open Society Foundation, and several “evangelical” groups, including Christianity Today.

Remember that ‘Christianity Today’ is Backed by George Soros Today called for the U.S. Senate to affirm the impeachment of the U.S. House against President Donald J. Trump. As you soak that in, we’ll remind you that it’s already been reported by this publication (and others) that Christianity Today is a Soros front organization.

George Soros, the wealthy billionaire Democrat financier, “rents evangelicals;” a fact that has been widely reported and indisputably and broadly claimed (like in this article at the Washington Post).

Stetzer and Christianity Today posted an article promoting George Soros’ immigration plan on November 7. In it, they said that “evangelicals should help lead” Soros’ immigration plan.

That immigration plan was planned and promoted by the Evangelical Immigration Table, which is a Soros front organization of the National Immigration Forum and is ultimately traced directly back to Soros’ Open Societies Foundation. That Soros owns the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is so well-known, it’s not worth answering any ill-informed dispute of the knowledge. Well-known Christian leader, Eric Metaxas, got off the board and repudiated it when he found out that it was a Soros operation.

Christianity Today is in “cahoots” with Soros in a verifiably documented way. It should come as no surprise they’re calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

It’s important to revive all of this information, including the video, regardless of what happened to the people who originally produced it. Their website is still technically live but much of it is missing content and resources, a sign that it may have had certain pages purged. The Facebook page is gone and the YouTube channel only has two videos remaining on it despite its popular video sourced above having been removed.

For over a year, I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a podcast based on how Ephesians 6:12 applies to us today. I even did a “pilot” show to see how it all worked. Life got busy and the need to continue to edit this news outlet superseded my personal goal of the podcast, but revelations like this about the reach of George Soros into the so-called “church” makes me wonder if I made a mistake. Could I have continued to edit NOQ Report and found time to do a podcast as well? We’ll soon find out. The need is too great to not try. We are beset on all sides, including from within.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

As we get closer to the 2020 election, be well aware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is easy to recognize when a Democrat or someone outside of the Judeo-Christian faiths promote a leftist ideology such as open borders. It is often harder to dismiss the rhetoric of left-leaning Republicans or “rented evangelicals” because they mix in some truth with their lies. Be cognizant and help others to see through the subterfuge whenever possible.

The greatest deceptions targeting American Christians aren’t coming from other faiths or atheists. They’re coming from people who claim to be part of the church. Judge them not by their titles but by their teachings. If it isn’t Biblical, it’s false.


Source: Soros’s ‘rented evangelicals’


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