Ahead of Confiscation, Northam Prepares To Start Jailing Gun Owners

A new budget bill authored by Northam sets aside $250 million specifically to incarcerate those found guilty of violating firearms laws in the commonwealth.

Let’s face it: Leftists predicted the future.

They claimed the rise of President Donald Trump would mean the threat of troops marching through the streets, stripping Americans of their most basic rights like a vision from a fascist dictatorship.

Citizens in Virginia now face that reality, but it’s not because of Trump.

Instead, Democrats’ sweeping victories have given their party a majority in the state’s House and Senate, as well as the governorship. Leftist politicians are now using this control to push through harsh gun control measures and other items on their progressive agenda.

Those who don’t comply with the unconstitutional laws may face the National Guard, a threatening possibility one gun-grabbing politician has already made clear.

Now, it looks like Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is preparing even more dystopian punishments for gun owners.

A new budget bill authored by Northam sets aside a whopping quarter of a million dollars specifically to incarcerate those found guilty of violating any current or future firearms laws in the commonwealth.

“Included in the appropriation for this Item is $250,000 the first year from the general fund,” the bill reads, “for the estimated net increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment of sentencing legislation as listed below.”

Some of the measures that the governor predicts will lead to an increase in imprisoned Americans include red flag laws, prohibitions on so-called assault weapons and citizens failing to conduct a background check on all firearm sales.

Despite the Second Amendment clearly protecting Americans’ right to bear arms, Virginia’s Democratic leadership is intent on chipping away at one of our most basic protections.

Fortunately, Virginia is bursting at the seams with patriots.

The state’s gun sanctuary movement is sweeping the commonwealth, with a majority of counties enacting some form of protection for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Virginia Democrats may be attempting to end America’s gun culture, but it’s beginning to look like they just threw a rock at the hornet’s nest.

The gun sanctuary movement is now spreading like wildfire beyond the commonwealth, with states and counties all over the country enacting their own measures to protect Americans’ rights to bear arms.

This is undoubtedly the opposite reaction Virginia Democrats hoped for.

Instead of civilians quietly handing over their firearms, the state’s progressive leadership has only galvanized Americans’ resolve to hold on to their constitutional rights by any means necessary.

Could this be the flashpoint that kicks off the civil war?

Source: Ahead of Confiscation, Northam Prepares To Start Jailing Gun Owners

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