You’re Fired: President Trump Is On A Roll! – Fires EU Amb. Gordon Sondland

You're Fired: President Trump Is On A Roll! – Fires EU Amb. Gordon Sondland

You’re Fired! President Trump is on a roll!

Trump on Friday fired EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland shortly after Lt. Col Alex Vindman and his twin were fired and escorted off the White House grounds.

“I was advised today that the president intends to recall me effective immediately as United States Ambassador to the European Union,” Sondland said in a statement.

Recall, Gordon Sondland testified in the House impeachment hearings against President Trump.

Sondland‘s testimony was revised after his ‘memory was refreshed’ from reading other testimony to reflect what he described as a ‘quid pro quo message’ delivered to Andriy Yermak, a top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Democrats harassed Sondland in October during his closed-door interview and accused him of being an agent of shadow foreign policy on Ukraine, and so he changed his story.

“I said that resumption of the U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” Sondland said in the document.

Sondland said in his new testimony that he believed that withholding a $391 million aid package from Ukraine was “ill-advised” but admitted that he didn’t know “when, why or by whom the aid was suspended.”

“I presumed that the aid suspension had become linked to the proposed anticorruption statement,” Sondland said.

So Sondland PRESUMED the aid suspension was linked to Trump’s discussion with Zelensky about the Biden crime family.

Good riddance! Trump is on a roll and he’s cleaning house!

Source: Breaking: President Trump Is On A Roll! – Fires EU Amb. Gordon Sondland | Tea Party


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