The left is trying to shut me down again!

It’s kind of gratifying that one 67 year old man can make the technocrats shake in their boots. Google hates me me so much they give no information about me in the search results.

This is what you see if you search 3ccorp on Google

If you were to click on Googles “Learn Why” (see image above) they would tell you it’s because my robot.txt file blocks them. It’s a lie. Here is a portion of my robot.txt file:

Right below you will see a link to a leftist fact checking site claiming I run a conspiracy theory website using questionable sources. I guess Fox News, Brietbart, The Gateway Pundit and The Blaze are questionable sources. As for the religious articles God may seem a conspiracy theory to the satanic left but they will find out sooner or later.

Once again the left is using the only two tools they have at their disposal lies and slander. This only strengthens my resolve to fight these lying, America hating, socialist, bastards and I will not stop as long as I have breath.

Here’s a conspiracy theory for you:

Darwinism is “full of holes” and obsolete as a scientific theory, declares Yale professor

I have been working diligently on this website to support our president and put out a conservative message for 14 months now. As you can see from the graphic below In advertising revenue I make about $1.00 a day. The site is costing me roughly $100.00 a month out of my social security pay out which is $1,100 a month. By the time I pay rent and power there is not much left. I do not receive food stamps. If you appreciate my efforts here I’m asking my fellow Christians and conservatives to help support If no support comes in you may find 3ccorp gone.
Thank you….





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