Corporations now FUNDING open terrorism across America with money funneling to Black Lives Matter extremists

Corporate America now FUNDING open terrorism across America with money funneling to Black Lives Matter extremists

(Natural News) Corporations first formed in America in the 1790s, quickly rising to be the fulcrum of the economy. Corporations grew to play a major role in the political identity of the country, through the Industrial Revolution and the Gilded Age. Then came World War II, and America would never be the same again. Corporations processed food and coated it with pesticides that cause cancer and dementia. Corporations chemicalized medicine and falsified vaccine research. Now, the most powerful corporations are funding the overthrowing of the U.S. Government and Trump, merging forces with Deep State operatives and the social media tech giants. What are Bill “Death Vaccine” Gates and evil George Soros writing on the billionaire’s communist playbook chalkboard at the meeting today? Does it contain the letters B, L and M, and in that order?

Will Black Lives Matter and their leaders in Communist China overthrow the country, whether Trump wins or loses in November?

Without a President to wage unnecessary wars, sell weapons to terrorists, and fund the military industrial complex, the crooked Democrats have turned to Communists to overthrow their own country and the guy in charge who won’t help them launder billions from American taxpayers. So, whether Trump wins or loses in November, there will be a war… a big giant war.

Thousands upon thousands of Americans, White and Black, have been duped by the Black Lives Matter front, a terrorist organization that George Soros and nearly 300 major U.S. corporations fund in order to recruit petty mercenaries to do their communist bidding.

The goal? Disrupt America to the point that most voters believe it’s all because of Trump. Strategy? Blame Trump for a race war, while using emotional Americans as pawns to lead the charge of destroying America, with Antifa and BLM as their emblems of false-righteousness, claiming slavery reparations are due to them (even though rich white dudes would collect it all anyway).

Meanwhile, with the help of covid lock downs and race war propaganda, Socialism has been involuntarily installed in America. Just take a look at the spray painted, looted, burned, toppled, feces-ridden, Democrat-run metropolitan cities.

Yes, the billions in funding for all of this domestic terrorism is thrown right in your face – by the corporations that sell you most of what you purchase daily

Most Americans, if you tell them right now that hundreds of corporations they know well are supporting domestic terrorism, they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist. They simply can’t believe it. They won’t. These are the same people who couldn’t possibly fathom the U.S. government spying on their every phone call, email and social media post, that is, until Edward Snowden came along, and completely exposed the NSA spy prism. My oh my, did those “conspiracy theorist” tables turn on that day.

According to a Public Affairs Council survey taken in 2015, two-thirds of all Americans think huge companies and organizations make products that are safe for the environment, good for health, and supportive of communities. Puke.

Those food and “health-related” companies are now openly funding terrorism on U.S. soil, including shootings, murders, rapes, and arson during BLM and Antifa protests (riots). We’re talking about companies and corporations that make toxic food and deadly medicine. The utter destruction of cities, lives and businesses is now funded by American corporations that want to eliminate all police and release every convict from every prison in the country, at once.

The Democrat Party wants every city in America to look just like the CHOP/CHAZ zone in Seattle, so they can blame Trump for a horrible racist country that’s out of work and chaotic.

Take a quick look to see if you recognize any of — or nearly all — the companies on this shortlist from the 270 terrorism-supporting U.S. companies that want to eliminate the Constitution, overthrow the President, turn America into a Socialist hell, then take your guns and force vaccinate you and your children to death:

Adidas, American Airlines, Amazon, American Express, Apple Music, Atlantic Records,, Burger King, Cadillac, Cartoon Network, Chick-fil-A, Coca Cola, Direct TV, Disney, Doritos, FedEx, Foot Locker, GameSpot, Gatorade, GM, Goldman Sachs, Google, Habitat for Humanity (how ironic!), HBO, Hershey’s, Home Depot & Lowe’s (because you have to rebuild your business after all the BLM/Antifa destruction), Hulu, Marvel, Netflix (because you’re on lock down with nothing to do), IBM, IKEA, Lego, McDonald’s (of course), Merck (because mandatory vaccines), Met Life & New York Life (because you’re likely to die in a riot or from coronavirus in jail), NASCAR, NFL, NHL, Nike, Pfizer, Playstation, PornHub, Reddit, Sony, Starbucks, Taco Bell, TikTok, Twitter, Warner Bros, Wendy’s, Xbox, and of course, YouTube.

Anyone notice a pattern? It’s all the corporations that ‘feed the fix’ for when there are virus lock downs and riots everywhere. You’ve got mind-numbing video games, propaganda-laced movies, virtual web-meeting software, toxic children’s food and pornography. Wow. Do you think these corporations are planning to stop funding cancer, idiocy, perversion and terrorism in the USA any time soon? It’s time to take control of your mind and your body. Wake up. Defend liberty.

Here’s a paid terrorist running over protesters on the highway in Seattle:

Tune your internet dial to for updates on U.S. Governors who are also paid terrorists that support Antifa, BLM, and the Communist China takeover of America. Realize that not one single Democrat politician anywhere in America denounces this violence because it’s all in the name of overthrowing Trump and turning America into one huge Venezuela, and it’s all funded by Soros and about 270 evil American Corporations.

It ain’t no “conspiracy theory” any more, folks. Corporate America is now FUNDING open terrorism across America with money funneling to Black Lives Matter extremists, who are shooting and killing innocent people.

Proud Sponsors of the destruction of America

Organization Pledges Total
NAACP (including NAACP Legal Defense Fund and pledges to local chapters) Amazon · Airbnb ($250K)· Electronic Arts · Intel · Salesforce · Slack · Morgan Stanley ($5M) · Ubisoft · DECIEM · Sunday Riley · Peloton ($500K) · Banana Republic · Ganni · Honest Beauty · Anastasia Beverly Hills · RobinHood ($500K) · Lipslut · Fashion Nova · Spanx ($100K) · SHEIN · Aritzia ($100K) · GAP ($100K) · Billie ($100K) · Lyft · Boy Smells ($10K) · Lululemon · Bravado · For Love & Lemons · Dropbox · Juvia’s Place · Greylock Partners · The Pokémon Company International ($100K))· Supergoop · Casper · Boscia  · Shopify ($500K) · Gatsy · Microsoft · Snowe · Hu Kitchen · GoodRx · The Wing · Buttah ($5K) · Bandcamp · Miyoko’s Creamery · Juniper Print Shop · Verizon · Disney ($2M) · Proctor & Gamble · Rebecca Atwood · McDonalds ($1M) · Billie ($100K) · Verb · Emmy’s Organics · Society Social · Youth to the People · Alter Eco · The Inkey List · Ilia Beauty ($25K) · Athena Club · Havenly · Lulu and Georgia · Sweet Loren’s · H&M Group ($500K) · Yabu Pushelberg · Sephora · RMS Beauty · Eaze · Golde ($10K) · Floyd · Enlightened ($50K) · Hero Cosmetics ($50K) · Yelp ($250K) · Nécessaire ($10K) · Hourglass · Plant Power Fast Food · AvroKo · Magnolia Market · Public Goods ($10K)· Otherland 80
Black Lives Matter (all chapters) Airbnb ($250K) · Cisco ($2M) · Intel · Square Enix · Slack · Ubisoft · DECIEM · Ganni · Anastasia Beverly Hills · FILA ($100K) · Lipslut · Glossier · Fashion Nova · TOMS · Spanx ($100K) · Aritzia ($100K) · RMS Beauty · Biossance ($100K) · Billie ($100K) · Boy Smells ($10K) · Lululemon · For Love & Lemons · Marc Jacobs Beauty · The Sill · 23andme · DoorDash ($500K) · Dropbox ($500K) · Hourglass · Nails Inc. · Floyd · The Pokémon Company International ($100K) · Living Proof · Loloi Rugs · Microsoft · Stitch Fix ($100K) ·  TheFuture Perfect · Tinder · Casper · Bravado · DevaCurl ($50K) · Herbivore Botanicals · Kosas · Miyoko’s Creamery · NYX · GoodRx · Urban Decay · Bad Robot Productions · Billie ($100K) · Thrive Market ($50K) · Youth to the People · Brooklinen · Juvia’s Place · Semihandmade · Weldworks ($5K) · Ilia Beauty ($25K) · Hu Kitchen · The Body Shop ($25K) 57
Equal Justice Initiative Uber ($1M) · Glossier · Apple · Away · Amazon · Cisco ($2M) · Electronic Arts · Google · Slack · Everlane · Honest Beauty · Lipslut · Etsy ($500K) · 23andme · Bravado · Greylock Partners · Microsoft · GrubHub ($1M) · Bad Robot Productions · Crunch Fitness · Brooks Running Shoes ($100K) · Shake Shack ($100K) · Beauty Blender · Rifle Paper Co. · Yelp ($250K) · Ulta Beauty · Cava ($50K) · Anthropologie · Havenly · Urban Outfitters 30
ACLU Amazon · Ganni · Everlane · Colourpop ($25K) · Biossance ($100K) · Fabletics ($50K) · For Love & Lemons · Herbivore Botanicals · KITH · Riot Games · UGG ($100K) · H&M Group ($500K) · Verb · Saturday Skin ($10K) · Loloi Rugs · Juvia’s Place · Feather 17
Color of Change H&M Group ($500K) · Biossance ($100K) · e.l.f. cosmetics ($25K) · Drizly · Away · The Wing · Paula’s Choice ($10K) · Kosas · Society Social · Casper · Farmacy Beauty ($10K) · Clif Bar ($100K) · The Sill · Olive & June  ($10K) · ViacomCBS 15
Minnesota Freedom Fund Colourpop ($25K) · Spanx ($100K) · Biossance ($100K) · Lululemon ($100K) · Greylock Partners · Herbivore Botanicals · Kith · NYX · Puma · The Sill · Urban Decay · Bravado · Makeup Revolution ($10K) · HashiCorp 14
Black Visions Collective Boy Smells ($10K) · Porter James ·  Anastasia Beverly Hills · Gatsy · Glow Recipe ($10K) · Alo · Plant Power Fast Food · Milk Makeup · Sol de Janeiro · The Sill · The Jungalow ($12K) 11
Center for Policing Equity Youtube ($1M) · Uber ($1M) · Away · Google · Intel · Slack · Netflix ($1M) · Tavour Company · Greylock Partners 9
The National Urban League McDonalds ($1M) · Target · Publix ($1M) · Chipotle ($500K) · Verizon · Essentia Water · Amazon · Dropbox · Lyft 9
Campaign Zero Shopify ($250K) · Brooklinen · Alo · Casper · Havenly · Sol de Janeiro · Lulu and Georgia · Weldworks ($5K) 8
Know Your Rights Camp Jack Dorsey/Twitter ($3M) · Fashion Nova · Alexis Ohanian/Reddit ($1M) · Amika · Bad Robot Productions · Thrive Market · Juvia’s Place 7
Thurgood Marshall College Fund Amazon· Hourglass · Wendy’s · Cava ($50K) · Magnolia Market · Riot Games 6
The Bail Project Slack · For Love & Lemons · AvroKo · RMS Beauty · Away · Flight Club ·  TheFuture Perfect 6
Black Girls Code GoodRx · Bravado · Youth to the People · 23andme · Lulu and Georgia · Riot Games 5
Innocence Project · Anthropologie · GoodRx · Lulu and Georgia · AvroKo · Urban Outfitters 5
The Marsha P. Johnson Institute Stefan Cooke/Bugatti · Glossier · Niantic ($100K) · Hourglass 4
United Negro College Fund Netflix · Amazon · Anthropologie · Urban Outfitters ($100K) 3
Southern Poverty Law Center Action Fund Away · HashiCorp 2
Black Health Alliance Shopify ($250K) 1
100 Black Men Coca Cola 1
We The Protesters Glossier 1

Other companies that have pledged to donate but weren’t specific about which organizations that money was going to include: Bank of America ($1B), Facebook ($10M), Box, Duolingo ($500K), Flexport ($180K),  Wendy’s, Help Scout ($300K), Lego ($4M), Kleiner Perkins/Mamoon Hamid ($200K), Harry’s, Pinterest ($1M), Sequoia Capital, Nike ($40M), SoFi, Crate & Barrel,  Snap, Flamingo, Lowes ($25M), Stripe ($500K), SheaMoisture, TikTok ($4M), Fastly, Warby Parker ($1M), Juice Press, WeWork ($3M), GoFundMe, Prabal Gurung, Adidas, Kiehl’s ($50K), Renee Rouleau Skincare, Interior Define ($50K), Wayfair, and Home Depot ($1M).



Source: Corporate America now FUNDING open terrorism across America with money funneling to Black Lives Matter extremists –


Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter… some stored in democrat-run government buildings including East End Complex Capitol building in Sacramento – Block 174 

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Corporate America now FUNDING open terrorism across America with money funneling to Black Lives Matter extremists Conservative Right Wing News, politics,and more


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