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All white people are being removed from history as revisionists rewrite science, medicine and technology to eliminate pioneers based on the color of their skin

In case you haven’t noticed, anti-white racism is rapidly becoming an accepted cultural norm throughout the United States and much of the Western world. Mainstream entertainment, news, education, and even science and medicine, have all but completely been infiltrated and subverted by nefarious entities that are hellbent on pushing endless, […]

Off Limits: Europe Under Siege

The people of Europe find themselves under siege from two directions: the illegal migrants overwhelming their societies, and the elites who invited them in.   Source: Off Limits: Europe Under Siege

5 ways the Green New Deal exactly mirrors Agenda 2030

I’ve been saying for over a 8 years now that the Democrats have sold out to the United Nations and their agenda. Perhaps this will convince you… The Green New Deal, submitted by new US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is more like a green fantasy wish-list than a political […]

United Nations eroding U.S. sovereignty. Time to go!

The United Nations is helping out the migrant caravans that are making a mockery of our immigration laws and asylum process, once again raising the question of why in the world the U.S. is still forking over millions of tax-payer dollars to the organization. According to research from the Immigration […]