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The origin of the MAGA hat

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Trump Hats! Buy one now! MAGA STORE: Make America Great Again Store! Trump Hats, Trump 2020 Knives! Trump Gifts for sale! Welcome to the MAGA Store! we have the finest  Trump Knives and Trump Hats.Own a piece of history! Trump Hats And knives show your support of our President!

In late July, 2016 while touring the Mexican border in Laredo, Texas, Donald Trump wore a MAGA hat. This might seem a less-than-noteworthy development. One assumes Trump wore the hat mostly just to corral his hair on a windy day. Yet the online reaction was swift and torrential.

Some wondered why a man worth more than TEN BILLION DOLLARS chose a hat that looked to cost about $25.00. Many others, meanwhile, wondered where they could buy one for themselves…..


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