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Police in Oklahoma City are investigating “It’s okay to be white” fliers that were posted at the Oklahoma City University School of Law as a potential hate crime.
Democrats Collude With UN to Take Over America Watch: UN Takes Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Venue, Claims It’s “International Territory”

AMEN! Florence Catholic Priest Refuses to Give Communion to Pro-Abortion Joe Biden



VIDEOS EMERGE FROM REPORTED SITE OF ISIS LEADER AL-BAGHDADI’S DEATH Powerful new video: You are the slave property of a corporation called the United States of America
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘not killed by US military’ Russia claims An Emerging Scenario Where Buttigieg Wins The Nomination UFOs across US ‘could be Space Force craft built from secret military budget’
Northern California Kincade Fire evacuations expand to 90,000 residents amid ‘historic’ wind event

Texas A&M Commerce shooting at homecoming party results in at least 2 deaths: report
Donald Trump to Address Nation as Reports Say ISIS Founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Captured or Killed Trump to Address Nation Tomorrow Joe Biden Falsely Claims He ‘Got Started Out’ at a Historically Black University Report: Top State Official Testifies He Was Unaware of Alleged Push for Ukraine Probes
The secret séance rituals of America’s largest Spiritualist community Bruce Springsteen: President Trump “doesn’t have a grasp” on what it means to be American

The Drones Are Coming! How Amazon, Alphabet and Uber Are Taking to the Skies

Bigger, longer blackouts could lie ahead in California Bill Maher urges Clintons to skip Dems’ 2020 convention: ‘They’ve got to go away’

Two convicted teen rapists in Tennessee get only 6 months probation

New Target: Hillary Blames DNC For 2016 Election Loss Just 1.3% of Massachusetts drug deaths stemmed from valid prescriptions NYC judge releases convicted gang killer on zero bail
Kanye West Talks About Going “Alex Jones Level” During Pro-Jesus, Pro-God, Pro-Family Rant Russia Will Test Its Ability to Disconnect from the Internet The Most Conservative And Most Liberal Cities In America
Deep state in total panic as Durham’s investigation confirmed to have transitioned to CRIMINAL phase… indictments imminent BOOM! Trump Approval Up to 42% with Black Males — Makes 2020 Election Impossible for Democrats National security expert: Mexican cartels, Chinese mafia have formed ‘alliance’ to flood USA with drugs; should be designated ‘terrorists’
Michael Horowitz: Finalizing of FISA probe report ‘nearing completion’ Lee Zeldin on Substance of Impeachment Inquiry: ‘There’s Nothing to Impeach POTUS For’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump ‘Has Committed Crime in Public’ — Impeachment Is ‘Open and Shut Case’
U.S. Army counters rising China threat with ‘game changing’ super cannon Ocasio-Cortez dings ‘predominantly white’ areas for hurricanes that killed minorities 10 Things to Know for Today
Battleground: 7 in 10 say US ‘on the edge of civil war’

Trump: ‘We’re Building A Wall In Colorado’

Scariest haunted house in U.S. requires 40-page waiver, doctor’s note, safe word
House Republicans chastise CNN for refusing Trump 2020 ads, cite potential free speech violations Clinton’s 2016 campaign directly colluded with Ukraine, but the media just doesn’t care, GOP senator tells Levin Impeachment witness’ claims crumble under questioning: McCarthy
Loyal dog waits by roadside for four years at exact spot where he lost his owner Impeachment will fail. The Democrats are being led by a coalition of constitutional renegades, political tricksters, and would-be Maduros

Hillary Sees Russians!

Democrats see weak spots in their own 2020 prospects Johnny Depp Ordered To Release Booze & Drug Use Records In $50M Defamation Case Against Amber Heard  Free Speech? University of Connecticut Police arrested Monday two men who were allegedly seen in a viral video reciting a racial slur.
NYT Shifts From ‘The Deep State Doesn’t Exist’ to It’s Real And Here to ‘Rescue The Republic’ From Trump Report: George Soros’ non-profit groups may be lying to the IRS and cheating American taxpayers (Video) Here’s how we know AG Barr’s probe into origins of Trump-Russia investigation are real: CIA analysts are lawyering UP!
House Democrats Block GOP Resolution to Censure Schiff

More Voters Believe Officials Broke Law Trying to Prevent Trump Presidency: Poll

Trump Punches Back at Democrats: We Have an Obligation to Investigate Corruption
Tulsi Gabbard Declares War on Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party Establishment Report: AG Barr Expands Probe into Russia Investigation Origin After Finding ‘Something Significant’

Greta Van Susteren: Fox News’ Wallace Wants to ‘Smear and Cause Trouble’ with Anonymous Impeachment Claim

Nude Photos of Democrat Katie Hill, Multiple Affairs Swirling Around Congresswoman Threaten to Undermine Impeachment Miley Cyrus Message to Women: ‘You Don’t Have To Be Gay, There Are Good People with D*cks Out There’

Rand Paul: Rising Support for Socialism Among American Youth Is ‘Mind-Boggling’

Gingrich says Romney Represents ‘fossilized version’ of GOP, here’s why

NY Times blasted for Hillary Clinton article calling her a ‘master troll’

Media showing ‘strange new respect’ for Mitt Romney after his anti-Trump Twitter account surfaces, Howard Kurtz says
News at a Glance It’s becoming more and more obvious by the day that the Garbage Party doesn’t have a damned thing on President Trump or anyone in his inner circle when it comes to impeachable offenses, no matter how many times they say otherwise. News at a Glance

Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account Discovered – Named “Pierre Delecto” — Slammed Marco Rubio, Newt, Rudy Giuliani, and ‘Liked’ Bill Kristol Impeachment Quote!

News at a Glance

Credit Suisse: Rich Chinese Outnumber Wealthy Americans for First Time

Gabbard reveals why she thinks Clinton, DNC are pummeling her with ‘smears’

Frequent Trump critic hits president over race, rhetoric

Florida peeping Tom beaten to death by naked man he saw having sex: police

Nestor bringing heavy rain to Southeast, mid-Atlantic after spawning tornadoes in Florida Rahm Emanuel calls Democrats’ ‘Medicare-for-all’ plan ‘insane,’ says it will reset ‘100-year’ ObamaCare effort Newt Gingrich: US must wake up and see China for what it really is – Before it’s too late

California Governor Gavin Newsom pardoned three immigrant felons last week to help them avoid being deported from the United States.

Donald Trump Jr. Will Run For President in 2024 and He’ll Likely Win Republican Nomination, GOP Strategist Says