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Not that I would but to keep California happy

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  • Michigan Dem Doesn't Believe Polls Showing Biden Beating TrumpMichigan Dem Doesn't Believe Polls Showing Biden Beating Trump
    A Democrat from Michigan, which favored President Donald Trump by seven percentage points in 2016, says polls showing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden well ahead are "inaccurate." Rep. Elissa Slotkin, a first-term congresswoman from Michigan's 8th... Read more »
  • Mary Trump's Brother Condemns Her Upcoming Tell-All of President TrumpMary Trump's Brother Condemns Her Upcoming Tell-All of President Trump
    The brother of Mary Trump - whose scathing tell-all about their uncle, President Donald Trump, is due out next week - has reportedly joined other family members to condemn the book. Read more »
  • Trump Tweets 'I LOVE @GoyaFoods!'Trump Tweets 'I LOVE @GoyaFoods!'
    President Donald Trump tweeted adoration for Goya Foods a day after Goya CEO Robert Unanue visited the White House."I LOVE GoyaFoods!" Read more »
  • State Dept: 'Disappointment' at Hagia Sophia Reverting to MosqueState Dept: 'Disappointment' at Hagia Sophia Reverting to Mosque
    The U.S. State Department expressed "disappointment" on Friday that Turkey would revert the 1,500-year-old Hagia Sophia, built as an Eastern Roman - or Byzantine - Christian cathedral, to a mosque by July 24.The famous Istanbul landmark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and... Read more »
  • Testing Bottlenecks Keep States From Tamping Down VirusTesting Bottlenecks Keep States From Tamping Down Virus
    Testing plans released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Friday provide a window into efforts by states now seeing surging COVID-19 numbers to build up their infrastructure -- and show shortcomings that may well be playing out now as test-takers... Read more »
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  • House Blunders to Blame for Dems’ Setback in Trump Subpoena CaseHouse Blunders to Blame for Dems’ Setback in Trump Subpoena Case
    Just a few minutes into Supreme Court arguments over congressional subpoenas for President Donald Trump's financial records, it was clear that House Democrats were in trouble. The House had argued that it has far-reaching subpoena powers and can compel disclosure of documents related to any legislation it's considering. Chief Justice John Roberts was not so sure. Congress can consider legislation on any number of subjects, and Roberts pressed House lawyer Doug Letter for just one example of information beyond the reach of a congressional subpoena under the House's proposed theory. Recent Stories in The Courts House Blunders to Blame for Dems'… Read more »
  • This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 1This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 1
    Welcome to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education. Coming soon to a workforce near you. 6. Memphis Tigers Football Players to Wear Black Lives Matter Stickers on Helmets During 2020 Season | Fox News The University of Memphis football team is looking to rebound from its embarrassing 2019 Cotton Bowl loss by adorning its helmets with Black Lives Matter stickers this season. 5. Student Invokes Satan to Drive Conservative Group From Campus  | Washington Free Beacon Student activists are demanding that a Texas university remove a conservative group from… Read more »
  • Mexican Drug Cartel Ramps up Violent ActivityMexican Drug Cartel Ramps up Violent Activity
    Mexican officials now consider the Jalisco New Generation Cartel "the most urgent threat to Mexico's national security," according to a Wednesday Wall Street Journal report. The cartel has been active in Mexico since 2010 but recently ramped up violent efforts to exert control over the country's drug trafficking and law enforcement entities. All told, the cartel's body count tops 100 in the state of Jalisco alone. In the state of Guanajuato last week, cartel operatives killed 28 in a single attack in an attempt to combat local gangs for a share of $3 billion worth of gasoline. In 2015, the… Read more »
  • Michigan State May Scrub James Madison From CampusMichigan State May Scrub James Madison From Campus
    A university residential college named after James Madison may change its name in order to promote "sustainable" racial change. The interim dean of Michigan State University's James Madison residential college announced that the internal college is considering a name change in an attempt to advance "racial equity." In a letter addressed to James Madison students, alumni, and friends, interim dean Linda Racioppi and assistant dean Jeff Judge presented ways the residential college plans to address policies and practices that "disadvantage people of color," including a commitment to consider the removal of the founding father from campus. "After the summer break,… Read more »
  • New Missouri Dem Party Leader Called for Cop Killer’s ReleaseNew Missouri Dem Party Leader Called for Cop Killer’s Release
    The Missouri Democratic Party's new leader called for the release of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and, as a state legislator in 2017, vocally opposed a law that heightened penalties for those who harm police officers. Former state representative Clem Smith became acting party chair in early July after county prosecutor Jean Peters Baker stepped down from the role. While working as a United Auto Workers secretary in 2008, Smith signed a Partisan Defense Committee letter calling for the "immediate freedom" of Abu-Jamal, who is serving life imprisonment without parole after murdering Philadelphia officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. As a state legislator,… Read more »
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Look at this! Google had to manipulate the search rankings to put this negative liberal review site above me when you type in “3ccorp” It feels pretty good to know that one man can make the giants tremble!

3ccorp.net Conservative right wing news

This leftist fact checking site claiming I run a conspiracy theory website using questionable sources. I guess Fox News, Brietbart, The Gateway Pundit and The Blaze are questionable sources. As for the religious articles God may seem a conspiracy theory to the satanic left but they will find out sooner or later.

Conservative Right Wing News

They pretty much say the same thing about Fox News:

Conservative News 3ccorp.net

Once again the left is using the only two tools they have at their disposal lies and slander. This only strengthens my resolve to fight these lying, America hating, socialist, bastards and I will not stop as long as I have breath.website for the best in conservative news. If you are looking for conservative news here it is



Here’s a conspiracy theory for you:

Darwinism is “full of holes” and obsolete as a scientific theory, declares Yale professor


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