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Clint Eastwood will film in Georgia despite Hollywood boycott against state over heartbeat abortion law

The iconic actor-director is known for his right-of-center views Legendary actor-director Clint Eastwood is known for portraying memorable characters like “Dirty Harry” Callahan and making box-office hits like “American Sniper” — but his right-of-center views are also well documented. Prior to the 2016 election, Eastwood told Esquire that then-Republican presidential […]

PINTEREST CENSORSHIP: Timeline of events leading to the Live Action ban

Yesterday Pinterest permanently blocked pro-life group Live Action from their platform after a whistleblower revealed the social site was censoring the pro-life message. According to a previous Live Action News report, the information came from an “undercover investigation conducted by Project Veritas.” The video, featuring the whistleblower who was fired just hours after […]

Alaska Lawmaker Files Bill to Outlaw Abortion in State

ANCHORAGE, Ak. — A lawmaker in Alaska has introduced a bill that would outlaw abortion in the state, and would reject any rule or order that would conflict with the law, being seen as infringing upon the child’s constitutional right to life. Read the Act in full here.  Rep. […]

Legal battle heats up as more states test strict abortion bans

Advocates are preparing for a legal battle after Alabama passed the strictest abortion bill in the country late Tuesday, part of a growing national push by abortion opponents to test whether the courts will curb constitutional protections for the procedure. Alabama’s move, which would essentially ban abortion in […]