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Judicial Watch Sues Justice Department After FBI Fails to Provide Details on Contact with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Lawyer

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the DOJ on Tuesday for communications between former FBI lawyer James Baker and Michael Sussmamm, a Perkins Coie law partner and former DOJ attorney. Michael Sussmann represented the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign while Perkins Coie covertly paid for the fake […]


BREAKING: Avenatti Indicted By Federal Prosecutors 

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan and Los Angeles indicted attorney and celebrity Trump foe Michael Avenatti early Monday afternoon for a range of financial crimes. Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York say Avenatti formulated a scheme “to extract more than $20 million in payments from a publicly […]

Why the Electoral College Matters Today

On January 7, 1789, the first presidential election in America was held and George Washington won the election. He was sworn into office on April 30 and would become the first president in American history. It was also the first election the Electoral College system was used and, […]

CHEATERS: How Dems plan to steal all future elections

Long-serving Democratic leaders at the national level may be worried that younger members of their party are too Left-wing radical for them and America in general, but that hasn’t stopped the party from shifting further towards that direction, politically.  The country isn’t yet ready for socialism or radical […]

Stop Nancy Pelosi from Meddling with America’s Elections

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats just introduced a bill (HR 1) that’ll make it easier for Deep State Democrats and the liberal mob to target you and your family! But this 571-page disaster isn’t just an anti-privacy bill, it’s anti-American. It overhauls America’s election laws, making it harder for […]

Leftist Protesters Are Bribed to Show Up and Make a Fuss

Wealthy leftist donors pay activists to attend political protests. That we know. This was particularly revealed during the Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearings when a George Soros-paid activist ambushed squishy Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in an elevator. Well, this sort of compensation for demonstrations is more insidious than you […]