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Leftists Claim ‘Unplanned’ Movie is Going to Lead to Terrorism

  Some leftists reacted to the pro-life Unplanned movie by claiming it could spark domestic terrorism. The movie tells the story of one of the youngest Planned Parenthood directors who becomes a pro-life activist after assisting in the abortion of thirteen week old baby. Last month, the Twitter […]


How to Protect Your Children During a Measles Outbreak 

Fox News Is blaming Anti-vaxxers for the measles outbreak. How about blaming all the third world people storming our border? The recent measles outbreaks have many parents concerned. Most of the people who have gotten sick were not vaccinated against measles. This is a stark reminder of the […]

Maintain good eyesight by consuming these top foods

(Natural News) Your diet significantly affects your health. If you want to have good eyesight, you need to follow a healthy diet full of nutritious foods. Certain vitamins and minerals found in different kinds of food can help prevent two common causes of vision problems: cataracts (the cloudy areas […]

Secret drug-resistant infection spanning globe

A mysterious fungal infection is spanning the globe under a shroud of secrecy. A mysterious fungal infection is spanning the globe under a shroud of secrecy.  The drug-resistant and dangerous infection is, so far, not being widely reported on, however, Candida auris has been causing severe illnesses in […]