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The truth about Fukushima; the entire world is in danger

(Natural News) We first want to thank Fox News for FINALLY reporting on a subject that has been highly censored by the mainstream media for the past 5+ years, the situation in Fukushima, Japan is completely out of control. While Fox News recently reported that radiation levels at Fukushima were […]

Infectious diseases resurging, particularly among homeless

Infectious diseases resurging, particularly among homeless

Jennifer Millar keeps trash bags and hand sanitizer near her tent, and she regularly pours water mixed with hydrogen peroxide on the sidewalk nearby. Keeping herself and the patch of concrete she calls home clean is a top priority. But this homeless encampment off a Hollywood freeway ramp […]

An Ebola Outbreak Rages In Democratic Republic Of Congo

As they battle a major Ebola outbreak in DRC, health workers increasingly find themselves under attack from armed militia and a fearful public. How many people have died? So far, a total of 1,737 confirmed and probable Ebola cases have been reported and 1,147 people have died, according to WHO […]

BREAKING: House Dems Forced Republicans to Reject Vote

The House Dems cleverly packaged a bill that made Republicans vote against their own agenda on drug pricing. From The Hill: House Democrats on Thursday forced Republicans to vote against their own drug pricing bills by packaging them with measures intended to shore up ObamaCare. The House passed […]