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Leaked Google Doc Describes Shapiro, Peterson, PragerU As ‘Nazis Using The Dog Whistles’

A newly-published leaked document contains what appears to be an email exchange among Google employees participating in a “transparency-and-ethics” discussion that includes a reference to PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro as “nazis using the dog whistles.” The document was published by Project Veritas Tuesday, a day after the conservative group released […]

When Censorship Moves Way Beyond Alex Jones

Everyone right of center is now at risk of progressive de-platforming. Breaking up the social media monopolies may be the only solution. Donald Trump is preparing to unleash the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as antitrust warriors against the tech giants. And good on him. […]

PINTEREST CENSORSHIP: Timeline of events leading to the Live Action ban

Yesterday Pinterest permanently blocked pro-life group Live Action from their platform after a whistleblower revealed the social site was censoring the pro-life message. According to a previous Live Action News report, the information came from an “undercover investigation conducted by Project Veritas.” The video, featuring the whistleblower who was fired just hours after […]